Getting started & working with us

Many of our customers don’t know exactly what they are looking for when they first contact us. The best way to resolve this is almost always to sit down and have a good chat. This will make it much easier to find the best way to work together.

We can work on defined projects (for a fixed price) or a simple day rate, and we usually do a small piece of work to start, to get to know each other better. In some cases the initial project may be to help get support for further work, for example to assist with writing an application for SMART Feasibility Study funding.

If we get on, and identify a suitable project, we will write it up as a brief proposal or as a schedule to a service agreement, depending on your preferred basis for the contract.

Contact us now!

We are always very happy to meet with early stage companies with no obligation, and hear about what they are doing (under NDA if necessary) – so please don’t hesitate to contact us. We don’t bite!

Our guarantee

We don’t invoice in advance, so if you don’t like our work you simply tell us why and don’t pay. It is a credit to our team that in more than 5 years of operation, every single invoice has been paid in full.


We are happy to provide an introduction to anyone we have worked for – so you can get a reference from someone who has experienced what we can deliver.

Value for money

We believe that the fees we charge reflect the value that we deliver to our customers, and are competitive in the marketplace. Our customers seem to agree – most have commissioned further work after the end of the initial project!

We recognise that young companies are often under great financial pressure, and we have a good track record of finding appropriate ways to work with customers.