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Salient Point assists with business plans, executive summaries, and financial projections. We work in collaboration with the management team to build a clear and compelling story. Where necessary, we help to develop the plan and add detail until it is “investor ready”. Typical deliverables include:

  • Business Plan
  • Executive Summary
  • Financial Projections

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  • Converge Challenge Winner 2014
  • Over £1.75m raised in equity investment
  • Over £700k raised in grants
  • Two companies supported by HGSU
  • “The financial model is at least as competent – if not more so – as any I have seen, and has taken out the overcomplicating factors” (Former PWC Chartered Accountant)

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Ian Stevenson & Associates

  • It became clear that evidence of demand would be vital in securing funding to take the product to market. Ruth has provided us with the evidence we need, along with a deep understanding of how our target customers think about the product—and has done so on a very tight budget and timescale. Throughout Ruth filled me with tremendous confidence and assurance that the work would be done to a high standard. She delivered, and I will be hiring her again in the future.

    Victoria O'Donoghue Founder and CEO of Loc8er
  • The financial model is at least as competent - if not more so - as any I have seen, and has taken out the overcomplicating factors

    Entrepreneurial finance expert from PWC
  • Ian is a goldmine for any start-up looking to fast-track the commercialisation a technology offering. He is thought-provoking, well-connected, tactful (but honest!) and I always leave our meetings better equipped, and inspired to handle the challenges ahead. I look forward to continuing to work with Ian and hope it's a long relationship.

    Suzanne Doyle-Morris CEO and Founder, InclusIQ
  • Ian has been tremendously useful to Contemplate, taking us from first-time entrepreneurs with a vision and some promising technology to our first contracts with real customers. He helped us explore ideas for products and investigate potential markets, and played a key role in signing up the first customers to our early adopter programme. Along the way he provided valuable assistance with all aspects of business development, produced excellent material for presentations and business plans, and even sorted out stubborn system problems on my laptop. Highly recommended.

    Don Sannella Founder and CEO of Contemplate Ltd
  • Ian has been an integral part of Loc8er this past year, not to mention that I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him. He has an exceptional balance of technology, commercial and industry understanding, which has helped Loc8er define its route to market. Ian is very professional and refreshingly honest. He helped us challenge our ideas and the feedback we had received, which sharpened the companies vision. He has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is vital for getting start-ups up and running along the right tracks.

    Victoria O'Donoghue Founder and CEO of Loc8er