salient point means the ‘core point’, ‘key issue’ or ‘heart of the matter’. This reflects our aim to identify and solve the important problems facing our customers.

Most new companies are founded by individuals or teams with relatively narrow expertise. Salient Point provides the additional knowledge and experience needed to build a successful enterprise.


The Salient Point team has experience of working in a wide range of environments and industries, and brings in additional expertise as needed through extensive networks. These networks include investors and professional advisers in legal, financial and intellectual property matters.


I specialise in supporting early stage technology companies on the journey from idea to customer.

I help to shape the product and offering, gain market knowledge and feedback, and make contact with (and sales to) early adopters. Very often this activity needs to be funded, and I have experience of preparing business plans and pitches for investors. I can also assist with everything from building the team and board to producing marketing materials and attending trade shows.

I have over 25 years experience in commercialising technology as an engineer, consultant, executive, founder, and working on behalf of investors. This ideally places me to contribute to all aspects of building and growing young companies, and especially to help bridge the gap that often exists between a core technology and market needs.

Ian is currently using his skills and experience as CEO of Cyacomb


I am an experienced primary research consultant who has provided research services for many organisations covering an extensive variety of subject matters. I have worked for leading research agencies (IpsosMORI and TNS) as well as not-for-profit organisations.

I am a professional and pragmatic consultant who is skilled in working with those with no prior research knowledge as well as those who are highly research literate. I take pride in enabling others to appreciate the significant role that research can play in information-based decision making, and ensuring customers are provided with useful and usable insight.

The type of projects that I can help you with include:

  • Finding out what your customers, staff or other stakeholders think
  • Testing out response to your existing products or services
  • Concept testing of future products or services
  • Estimating or quantifying the market for your products or services
  • Evaluating or developing your PR, marketing and communications
  • Providing data to support an idea or enhance your business plan
  • Research with a representative sample of the general public
  • Or simply answering your burning questions about anything and everything

Ruth also runs Ruthless Research