In Friday Link

It’s been ages since I posted a Friday link, but there are a couple of articles from Hubspot that have really struck me this week.  I’m always selling in one way or another, and that often means trying to get in touch with people I don’t know and who don’t know me.  Sometimes my network can help with an introduction, but even then I have to follow up properly, and its easy for conversations to get stuck…

The first link is about the persistence required to get a contact to respond to a cold email.  The content of the e-mails described here is a bit brash for a lot of the people I deal with in the UK – but the copywriting approach and level of persistence required (and the fact it paid off) are a useful reminders of what it takes.

The second link is all about following up – especially when a conversation appears to be stalling.  Again I don’t like all of the language, but the ideas for different ways of trying to turn inaction into action, and putting down a bit of an ultimatum to qualify a target out if necessary are really useful.

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