In Friday Link

If you follow my Friday Links you may have realised I have a bit of a geeky interest in pricing (e.g. this pricing compendium or Forget what you think you know about pricing!).

I have a couple more for you today.  The first is a TechCrunch article that is very relevant to my work with high-tech startups selling B2B:

The Top 10 Pricing Mistakes Companies Are Making

The second article is probably more relevant for sales online or to consumers, but I found it fascinating too:

The Psychology of Pricing: A Gigantic List of Strategies

Finally, I’ll leave you with a wee reminder that I’m running the Edinburgh Half Marathon on Sunday in aid of the unit that looked after my son when he was born prematurely last year and donations are still welcome – Simpsons Special Care Babies – They helped my son, now I want to help them!

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