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I have lots of conversations with companies I work with, and with people I meet at events, on the subject of raising investment.  It is undoubtedly an extremely complex process, but there are a number of conversations I seem to keep having to help people understand what certain parts of the process might look like.

When I started this series, I set out to capture some of my thoughts on how companies get investment in Scotland, and I’ve now completed the series I set out to write – all the articles are linked below.  I hope you will find them of interest!

Investment (Part 1) – Start Now

Investment (Part 2) – You Don’t Need a Plan

Investment (Part 3) – The Right Investors

Investment (Part 4) – Look Beyond the First Round

Investment (Part 5) – Don’t Do It

Investment (Part 6) – Connecting to Investors

Investment (Part 7) – Courtship

Investment (Part 8) – Marriage

Investment (Part 9) – After the Honeymoon

Investment (Part 10) – The Great Escape

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