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JoelJoel on Software  is a great blog on all things software, and has been online since 2000.  There’s some quite technical content, but there is also a fair bit of industry news and some great business posts – this one on software pricing (from 2004) is one of my favourites!

Joel is best known for founding Fog Creek Software:  “Together with my friend Michael Pryor, I started Fog Creek Software in September, 2000, which is what I’ve been doing ever since. We’ve been growing steadily, without any outside investment, since then, and despite the so-called downturn we’ve managed to double our sales every year. We didn’t start with a particular product in mind: our goal was simply to build the kind of software company where we would want to work, one in which programmers and software developers are the stars and everything else serves only to make them productive and happy. The theory, which has proven itself over and over again, is that this kind of thinking would allow us to attract the super-talented software developers who would do great things and make us successful.”

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