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Salient Point has developed a new template for use alongside the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas to help compare different potential value propositions:

Download the FREE Value Proposition Analysis Canvas and Template NOW*

As the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas have become more popular, I find myself working with them more and more.  Often the challenge I find, especially when working on commercialising an existing technology, is deciding which value propositions will work.  This is critically dependent on customer feedback and positioning in the competitive landscape, neither of which are captured in the Value Proposition canvas.

To help with this process, I have developed a Value Proposition Analysis canvas and template, which I use either before moving to the better known canvases or alongside them.  This allows me to capture the key information about each potential value proposition for discussion, debate, and ultimately to select the strongest to take forwards.

This has become a key tool for me in the Review – Develop – Enquire cycle – using the analysis canvas and template to capture what we know and see what is missing (see Markets for Startups 3 – Finding Markets for more on this process).

Download the FREE Value Proposition Analysis Canvas and Template NOW*

I’ve released the canvas and template under a Creative Commons license so you are free to use and modify the template for your own purposes as long as you credit Salient Point as the creator – see Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License for more details.

* Note we believe it is reasonable to ask for your contact details in exchange for providing this document, but you may choose to leave the data fields blank if you prefer.

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