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Buckingham Palace today announced that the Royal Family would extend its business interests by forming an investment fund focussed on Scottish business.  A spokesman said “We are keen to launch a high-profile initiative in Scotland to demonstrate our commitment to the Union at a time when that is being called into question in the independence debate”.  The EIS investment fund will also help the family manage their tax position, since they volunteered to be subject to income tax in 1992.

“The family has a long track record of supporting young people in business through the Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust and the new fund seeks to extend that work”.

The fund launched today with £20million in capital, and is led by Prince Charles who is expected to favour cleantech and renewable energy businesses.  Initial investment is likely to be alongside leading Angel Investor groups who already have experience in the market.

The fund will trade under the name “Charlie’s Angels”


P.S. Happy April Fool’s Day

  • Anne Johnson

    This made me laugh yesterday – it was almost plausible, and would actually be a good idea !

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