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Hiring seems to be a consistent challenge for everyone, and startups most of all.  Getting good people just isn’t easy, so today’s Friday Link brings together some of the best articles I’ve seen recently on the subject…

First up, a piece boldly entitled The Most Revealing Job Interview Question.  I really like the approach suggested here, and I have tried it once and it worked really well.  I plan to keep using this one:

I want you to explain something to me. Pick any topic you want: a hobby you have, a book you’ve read, a project you worked on–anything. You’ll have just 5 minutes to explain it. At the beginning of the 5 minutes you shouldn’t assume anything about what I know, and at the end I should understand whatever is most important this topic. During the 5 minutes, I might ask you some questions, and you can ask me questions. Take as much time as you want to think it through, and let me know when you want to start.”

Some problems never change, and this advice Paul English in 2002: Hiring Religion still sounds pretty good to me – I love the way he looks at the whole hiring process in a candidate-centric way.

Although the title is a dire warning: 5 Startup Hiring Mistakes that Can Crush Your Culture, Dharmesh Shah from Hubspot has once again nailed it with this advice on how to avoid hiring mistakes.

Of course, we should all aim to recruit great people, but we should make sure our aims are at least possible…  WANTED: an entrepreneurially-minded employee who will just shut up and do as they’re told – contradiction?  I think so.

Other resources I have linked before and are relevant to this topic include:

I have also written on this topic myself:

Good luck hiring!

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