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book-clear-300Bill Aulet from MIT is a well-known face in Scotland, having spoken here many times, notably at the Informatics Ventures Workshops.  He also leads the Entrepreneurial Development Course (EDP) that many Scottish entrepreneurs have been lucky enough to attend.

Bill has recently published a new book, “Disciplined Entrepreneurship”, capturing some of his distilled wisdom on building new ventures.  EDP graduates will recognise much of it from his notes, and those lucky enough to have heard him speak will find few surprises, however it is great to see it all neatly packaged in book form.

Bill’s “24 steps to a successful startup” lead a potential founder through the process of figuring out who the customer is, what they are offering the customer, how the customer will buy the product, how they will make money, how to define and build the product, and finally scaling the business.

For the new or aspiring entrepreneur this is a fantastic introduction to what it takes to understand customers and build a company.  For founders whose journey has already started, there are plenty of ideas here for things that are worth reviewing, revisiting, or which may have been skipped in the enthusiasm to get stuck in and build product!

The book is fairly brief and practical – it’s an easy read to go right through and get an overview but it’s cleanly divided sections for reference as you go through the process and need ideas or reminders.  It also references other great books such as “Inbound Marketing” and “Crossing the Chasm” for readers interested in more detail.

I don’t agree 100% with everything in it, but this is one of the best books on entrepreneurship I’ve seen and I’d highly recommend it to any entrepreneur or would-be entrepreneur!

More on the book on Bill’s website: or buy it at Amazon UK: Disciplined Entrepreneurship by Bill Aulet


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