In Friday Link

Inc Magazine is all about entrepreneurial businesses, and the entrepreneurs behind them.  It’s a US publication, and I don’t see it often in the UK – I’m not sure if there is a UK edition or just a few retailers with the import – but the website has a lot of great content.

Don Sannella, CEO of Contemplate, drew my attention to this particularly interesting piece on entrepreneurial thinking recently.  Perhaps the best summary of the article is this quote “Corporate managers believe that to the extent they can predict the future, they can control it. Entrepreneurs believe that to the extent they can control the future, they don’t need to predict it.”, but there is also some really interesting comment on how entrepreneurs and corporate managers differ in their attitudes to everything from market research to competitors.  I found it really thought provoking – and it reminded me to pick up a copy of Inc next time I see it, and keep an eye on their website.

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