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Last week Informatics Ventures at Edinburgh University ran “Engage, Invest, Exploit 2011”.  In keeping with previous years there was a fine collection of companies exhibiting and pitching for investment.  I’ll blog some commentary from the keynot speakers later in the week, but I thought I would list some of my highlights now.  60 second pitches from all of the contributing companies are available on the EIE website at

Main Stage Pitches:

  • Stuart Jamieson of Cosneta explained how their new device could turn any display into an electronic whiteboard, at lower cost and without many of the drawbacks of current technology.  I look forward to seeing a demo in due course!
  • Mobile Acuity demonstrated their technology which can recognise products from images captured on a smartphone camera and provide links to buy or compare prices.
  • HuzuTech license tools and IP to make it easier to build social networks and games.  Clients include Horrible Histories, Tui Holidays, Durex and Bic Razors.  A diverse collection!
  • Ecometrica have SaaS solutions for carbon  accounting, and boast BP and Avis amongst their fairly conventional client list.
  • Contemplate (a long standing client of Salient Point) was one of the companies pitching so I had a particular interest in this one.  Don Sannella explained how Contemplate help investment banks avoid costly software bugs.
  • Zoom2Work facilitates car sharing for workers at big companies via an advanced web application.
  • Mike Lincoln from Quorate described how his product records and catalogues meetings so their content can be easily accessed in the future – for example to trace the debate behind a decision.

Other highlights for me included Alex Cole’s Peekabu Studios demonstrating how product packaging can be used to control interactive games on the web, and Holoxica who are developing animated holograms for promoting 3D content.  I’m also looking forward to trying out ProInnovate’s new tool for tracking actions allocated at meetings when it goes live shortly!

Remember – 60 second pitches from all of the contributing companies are available on the EIE website at along with contact details should you wish to get in touch with them – and why wouldn’t you?

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