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Business Forum ScotlandHave you ever wanted to get high quality advice from Angels, VCs and other experts on what you need to do to prepare your company for investment?  On how to focus your energy and tackle new markets?  This may just be the event for you…

Business Forum Scotland has recently relaunched, and although I missed the first Edinburgh event I managed to make it to the second one on 11th May.  There were two companies presenting, and each one…

  • Has 10 minutes to pitch their company and point to areas where they would like help
  • Receives 10 minutes of advice and comment from two experts in the field
  • There are then 10 minutes of discussion at each table, amongst the delegates
  • Each table shares it’s collective wisdom with the company and the others present.

The format of the event provides a pretty good structure, but it is the quality of the attendees that made this event really stand out.  The standard of comment and discussion was very high and the participants included VCs, Angel investors, professional advisors and entrepreneurs.  I think the two companies, Holoxica and UWI  got great feedback.

For anyone thinking of pitching for investment this is a great opportunity to try out the pitch and get feedback, but even without presenting it is a learning experience to hear so many expert opinions.  Many startups face similar issues, and I know that I heard Holoxica in particular receiving advice that is relevant to a project I am working on!

You have to pay to attend these events, but given how much I got our of it I think it wass a worthwhile investment and I will definitely be going again.

You can find information on forthcoming events on the Business Forum Scotland website.

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