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In the spirit of Follow Fridays (#FF) on twitter, I’m going to try to make a regular friday post linking to sites I find useful and interesting.  I’m going to try to avoid the glaringly obvious, but please excuse me if you are already familiar with what I post this week or others.

Today’s link is inspired by a conversation I was having with an entrepreneur last night, and is to Edinburgh based blog StartupCafe.  Here are three reasons why I think it’s worth subscribing or bookmarking, and why I keep telling other people about it!

1 – Events for Startups

Between them Bela, Hilary, Jess, Kate, Tom seem to know about a huge range of events in Scotland (and occasionally beyond) that are of interest to startups.  If you’re reading StartupCafe you don’t need to worry about missing great opportunities such as this workshop from Bill Joos – The Pitch Doctor

2 – Learn from Others

The team are very open about sharing their own experiences, and share interesting tidbits they find.  An excellent example is this incredibly honest account from the founder of a DropBox competitor.

3 – Practical Advice

Slightly less frequent are articles that give practical advice, but this piece on  writing cold e-mails is one I have referred a lot of people to since it was posted.  I also like the fact they linked another article with a slightly different take – it makes for a much more balanced and informative piece!

Of course, I also like StartupCafe because of the quality of their guest authors

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